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AdventuresThe Places I Go, and the Fun I Have
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AnimalsAnimals Other than Pets
4 132
ArtUnique Creations - Yours and Mine
7 108
EventsWeddings, Birthdays, Get Togethers, Concerts, and Other Special Occassions
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FamilyPix of and with My Family
8 617
FriendsPix of and with My Friends
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HolidaysCelebrations of Food, Drink & Fun
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InsectsI Love Photographing Bugs!
4 204
PetsOur Pets, Your Pets, Anyone's Pets
8 467
PhotographyPhotography for the sake of art!
1 4
PlacesPlaces I Visit and What I See There!
76 3550
ThingsFrom Inanimate Objects to Live Plants-a-Plenty
11 515
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Music: Project PitchforkAug 30, 2009
Outing: The RoomGetting ready to see "The Room"Aug 30, 2009
Birthday: Elysia - 2009Aug 27, 2009
On Set: Just Nikki & Jason's BandAug 24, 2009

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Removing a Splinter from Matt1 comments02/20/09 at 23:21morst: I can't find Mat in the photo, he must be wear...
Pirate Mark & His Beer1 comments02/20/09 at 20:55morst: Y'arrr.
Denny, Signing Coasters1 comments02/20/09 at 20:54morst: Leather Tush (covers)
Phil, at the Beachbum Signing1 comments02/20/09 at 20:53morst: Mmm! Crackers!