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Dec 24 2010

Another Day, Another Year, Another Million Memories

Josef & I at Koji's for NYE

I definitely had a whirlwind of a year. I started off working for a wedding invitation company, kept growing my wedding photography business, and ended up a math teacher at an all-girls charter high school. Kyle & I have grown as a couple and are very happy, we have taken some great vacations together, and …

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Dec 01 2009

Down with the Sickness

Seems everybody is sick right now, myself included. I have better nights, but I wake up feeling all dehydrated, stuffed up, sore throat, muscle aches, and a headache. Even my ears hurt deep inside. I hope to get over this very soon, as I have way too much to do these days! So, I can’t …

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Nov 16 2009

You Know Life Can Be Long, And You’ve Got to Be So Strong

And the world, she is tough…. ========================== So, this week was a good and busy one. I have had a lot of trials lately, and I think I’ve succeeded pretty well. Monday, Nov 9th – Worked on the Lola Felli launch, and I can’t remember what I did that night. Tuesday, Nov 10th – Worked, …

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Oct 19 2009

Disneyland is the Best Way to End the Weekend

Just got home from Disneyland and the cats are eating a very late dinner. It’s 2:24am. Sandy and Gracie are running around instead of eating. Both, Gracie and Sandy’s tails are all puffed! Recap time… Mon, Oct 12th – Worked, bowling, hung out in Hollywood for a bit. Tues, Oct 13th – Worked, trivia (great …

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Sep 02 2009

Welcome September!

I am happy it’s a new month and that this summer is almost over! I am tired of the heat and the hard times. I am ready for a new life and that’s what the autumn brings me… it’s my time of renewal and energy! Today, I spent the day meeting with the CEO, Art …

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Aug 27 2009

Porn Stars, Bowling, & Guns.. Oh My!

What a week last week! I once thought that being unemployed meant having little to do… I was so wrong! I’ve been so busy this week that I’m now finally doing my recap! Monday, 8/17 – It was so long ago I can hardly remember! Hmmm. Oh yes, Scharff & Synda came down to Glendale. …

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Sep 10 2008

Unemployment – Day 2

So, after searching for hours, I have come up with nothing. There are no jobs that I could do that I qualify for and would also pay my bills. I really want to advance my career to a point where when I apply for jobs that say 8 years in Project Management or Operations Management, …

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