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Oct 04 2009

Crystals & Capitalism

I slept til about 10:30am today, then got on the computer to do research about my week ahead. I found some places to visit / photograph and some great hikes to try out. Then, I relaxed a bit as the wind and rain kicked up. Around 2pm, I headed out to Crystal Magic, my favorite …

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Oct 16 2008


Just because I haven’t posted a political blog in a few days, doesn’t mean I’m not heavily paying attention to the election. The debate was good. I think McCain’s facial expressions were a bit odd. He mentioned Joe, the Plumber too many times. Obama did very well. He stayed on target, knew his subjects well, …

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Sep 04 2008

Wish Distress Would Hurry Up and Become Destress

As I sat in the lounge watching CNN at lunch, I felt a sense of overwhelming anxiety build up in me. 1. a hurricane is heading towards Florida. Many of my friends and family live there. There are wildlife preserves and zoos there. My hometown is there. The Everglades is there. Lots of great things …

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Sep 03 2008

Lieberman & PUMA

http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/03/rnc.democrat.reaction/index.html is a good article from CNN that focuses on the inaccuracies of Lieberman’s speech. I was very disappointed. This man ran with Gore! How could he support the ideals of Democracy, but throw his vote, words and supporters behind McCain/Palin? They stand for everything he ran against in 2000! Makes me really sad to …

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Aug 29 2008

McCain / Palin – Land of the Damned

Isn’t this the land of the free? What happen to human rights and freedom of choice: religion and otherwise? Seems that people with strict Christian morals have been leading the American people for far too long. We live in a very diverse country with lots of cultures, religions and ideals. Why does the Republican party …

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Aug 21 2008

Political Change or Stagnation

So, McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he has, yet some polls show him ahead of Obama. McCain is not going to bring jobs back to the US. McCain is not going to fix our economic problems by giving tax breaks to the wealthy. McCain is an elderly man. He’s not ancient, but he’s …

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Aug 08 2008

Where Are We Going?

The economy is terrible. The pressure will be on our next President to solve the problem. Truthfully, I do not think the problem will be solved in 4 or 8 years – even with a brilliant plan. I think it will take a few decades to repair the damage Bush has done! As a nation, …

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