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Dec 17 2008

Sunny Days in Tahoe

Tuesday – Woke up somewhat early, hung out with Jean-Marie & Steve while John slept in a bit. Then, we all went out to find some winter stuff for John & I (which we will be returning, since we won’t be skiing). We then drove all over South Lake Tahoe looking for a place to …

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Dec 15 2008

Lake TaSnow

Days 1, 2 and 3 of our Tahoe Vacation!

Jan 26 2008

On a Roll – Digitally

New pix are up!It’s been a while, but here are my pix from the Shins concert at the Greek Theater!Here are some pix of Brandon & Rachel, pregnant with their daughter-to-be: Ismene Potens!I also uploaded pix of Aurora, Dagan & Sandy.There are a lot of new pix up from my various trips to Disneyland as …

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Jan 25 2008

New Pix Up!

FL Everglades & Semi-Wildlife, but none of these have captions. Sorry.New Year’s Eve Party 2007/2008A few pix added to the Springbok albumA few new pix added to the Disneyland album. None of these have captions either.Please register and comment! Make me feel like all this work is worth my time, damn it! 🙂