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Mar 02 2009

Big Government?

Non-Democrats are trying to scare Americans (and our neighbors) into thinking Obama’s administration is going to make government bigger and take power away from the people; but, did they even take a look at the Bush administration’s policies and activities before making this statement? For years, the Bush administration threw out constitutional rights and gave …

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Jan 21 2009

Almost Thursday!

Holy crap, where did the week go? I have so much to do, yesterday! I can’t even figure out how to go back to Monday and get more shit done. It’s not like I am working! I really need to get some photos edited and some post cards made to market my photography. I also …

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Nov 06 2008

Mixed Emotions

I am sooooo excited about Barack’s victory! John & I were on my way to my sister’s when he got a text from her that Barack had one. I didn’t believe it… it was way too early in the evening! We get there, and sure enough, McCain is on CNN conceding the election! Wow!!! Elysia, …

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Nov 04 2008

I Voted!

I voted today! Hooray! I am so glad today has finally arrived! I urge those in CA to vote YES on Prop 2, NO on Prop 4 and NO on Prop 8! I really hope the election turns out in Obama’s favor! I hope lots of Democrats get into Congress to help Obama with his …

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Sep 25 2008

Another Restless Day

It’s so hard to sit here and job hunt all day, finding little (if anything) to apply for. My back hurts, but that may be due to my week as an uber-female. I applied for one great position at WB; but, even though John can send an e-recommendation for me, it’s still me against thousands …

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Sep 04 2008

Wish Distress Would Hurry Up and Become Destress

As I sat in the lounge watching CNN at lunch, I felt a sense of overwhelming anxiety build up in me. 1. a hurricane is heading towards Florida. Many of my friends and family live there. There are wildlife preserves and zoos there. My hometown is there. The Everglades is there. Lots of great things …

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Sep 03 2008

Lieberman & PUMA

http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/03/rnc.democrat.reaction/index.html is a good article from CNN that focuses on the inaccuracies of Lieberman’s speech. I was very disappointed. This man ran with Gore! How could he support the ideals of Democracy, but throw his vote, words and supporters behind McCain/Palin? They stand for everything he ran against in 2000! Makes me really sad to …

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Aug 21 2008

Something’s Very Wrong Here

In my opinion… Credit Cards – if we made enough money to buy a home, a car, go on vacation and eat out once a week, I don’t think we’d be as dependent on credit cards as we are today. In this day and age, everyone uses credit to buy things they can’t afford. The …

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Aug 21 2008

Political Change or Stagnation

So, McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he has, yet some polls show him ahead of Obama. McCain is not going to bring jobs back to the US. McCain is not going to fix our economic problems by giving tax breaks to the wealthy. McCain is an elderly man. He’s not ancient, but he’s …

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