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May 10 2010

Anticipation & Elation: A Passionate Whirlwind

G and H

This past week was spent with great anticipation for my trip to Vegas to see Kyle and 10 Years. It was a fantastic weekend! Here’s how the week went… Mon, May 3rd – Went to San Pedro to visit my dad, sat it traffic for quite a bit, then edited Bats Day photos Tues, May …

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May 04 2010

Bats & Basic Education


This past week was a whirlwind of emotion. I was happy, stressed, depressed, excited, relaxed, bored, busy, lonely, silly, drunk, energetic, frumpy, annoyed, optimistic and tired. Here’s what I did: Mon, April 26th – Exercised, watched Eps 1 – 5 of United States of Tara, studied for the CBEST, took the pre-exams for the CBEST, …

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Apr 25 2010

What a Week!

Mon, 4/19 * Took Dagan to the groomers for a Lion’s Cut * Got my TB test for school * Studied a bit * Met up with Kyle at Koji’s, had a drink with him after work; then, we went on a date to Miceli’s for some great Italian food! * Watched Ravenous back at …

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Apr 12 2010

Where Am I?


So, I’ve spent a lot of time “doing” more than “planning” lately, and that’s getting me nowhere. I miss out on very important tasks that NEED to be done, and miss lots of deadlines (especially when having to make calls or get to the post office). I think I need to start getting up earlier. …

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Feb 15 2010

A Lovely Weekend

Friday, Feb 12th In the day, I photographed The Changing for a ‘zine. It was a super fun photo shoot! 🙂 Later on was dinner and drinks with friends for Scharff’s birthday down in Marina Del Rey. Adrienne, Josef, Bobby, John L, & I drove down there together. I got a grilled cheese at the …

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Dec 01 2009

Down with the Sickness

Seems everybody is sick right now, myself included. I have better nights, but I wake up feeling all dehydrated, stuffed up, sore throat, muscle aches, and a headache. Even my ears hurt deep inside. I hope to get over this very soon, as I have way too much to do these days! So, I can’t …

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Nov 16 2009

You Know Life Can Be Long, And You’ve Got to Be So Strong

And the world, she is tough…. ========================== So, this week was a good and busy one. I have had a lot of trials lately, and I think I’ve succeeded pretty well. Monday, Nov 9th – Worked on the Lola Felli launch, and I can’t remember what I did that night. Tuesday, Nov 10th – Worked, …

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Oct 26 2009

Roller Coaster Time Once Again

Monday, Oct 19 – Worked, went to visit dad and Sunshine in Corona, went bowling (did crappy), hung out with Kyle Tuesday, Oct 20 – Worked, baked cookies with Sandy Leonetti, went to trivia… had a great time! Wednesday, Oct 21 – Worked, edited photos, rested, hung out with Gigi, watched LA Story with Kyle …

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Oct 19 2009

Disneyland is the Best Way to End the Weekend

Just got home from Disneyland and the cats are eating a very late dinner. It’s 2:24am. Sandy and Gracie are running around instead of eating. Both, Gracie and Sandy’s tails are all puffed! Recap time… Mon, Oct 12th – Worked, bowling, hung out in Hollywood for a bit. Tues, Oct 13th – Worked, trivia (great …

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Sep 28 2009

I Know You Well, You Are a Part of Me, I Know You Better Than I Know Myself…

Sometimes I feel like I am two different people. One is very stable, intelligent, happy, proactive, productive, optimistic, energetic, a solid leader, a great influence, a wonderful friend, and a strong woman. The other is somewhat flustered, confused, lonely, depressed, a lousy friend, exhausted, worn out mentally, falling apart at the seams, and unmotivated. How …

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Sep 24 2009

A New Hope

I’m so ready for Star Wars: A New Hope to be made into a musical. I would definitely like to see my sister play Princess Leah! I’m sitting here with two stripey cats – one on each side of me, exporting a wedding from Lightroom and watching Star Wars. Yes, I love this movie! Okay, …

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Aug 15 2009

Where’d the Week Go?

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday! Where did my week go? Hmmmm. Monday, 8/10 – Ran errands, made calls, met a potential client for frozen yogurt, and had a blast at Laurel’s party. Tuesday, 8/11 – Slept in, edited photos, saw Born to Be a Star with Missy & Derek, went to Bar Trivia, drove …

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Aug 03 2009

Birthday Week – I’m 32 Now!

I celebrated my birthday pretty much all week. Monday, 7/27: Bowling at Lucky Strike. Tuesday, 7/28: Six Flags with Laurel & Chris. We got onto lots of great coasters on the right-hand side of the park! Later that night, I celebrated my birthday at Springbok with my friends during Trivia. Wednesday, 7/29: I met up …

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Jun 14 2009

Hopped Up on Some Hollywood

3pm to 8:45pm – Photographed a wedding in Pasadena with Michele 9pm to 11pm – Reviewed photos with Michele 11:38pm – Arrive at Koji’s. Order a drink and sign up for some singin’ 11:45pm – Singing Toad the Wet Sprocket (of course) Sometime after 11:50pm – Elysia & Jay show up. Sometime after 12:30am – …

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Dec 01 2008

Wonderful Weekend of the Thanks and Giving Kind

Condensed Wednesday – Worked; Best Buy (Purchased TV); Cleaned Thursday – Cooked; Dinner w/John, Dad & Grandma; Played Tetris Friday – Relaxed, Walked on Brand; John – New Frames; Mall; Santa Monica w/Lyse & Anne; Jump Peter’s Car; Blockbuster; Men at Work; S’Mores Saturday – HDTV Delivery; Downtown LA w/John, Lyse & Anne; Chinatown w/John; …

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