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Jun 17 2009

I Hate Mornings

I know a lot of people say this, but I really really mean it. I wake up every day before my alarm clock from awful dreams. Each one of them involves John. Some are great and I wake up sad that he’s not here. Others are terrible and I wake up in a panic, reminding …

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May 26 2009

Beautiful Gloom

It’s gloomy out today. I wish we’d have a thunderstorm. I could really use one right now. I miss the torrential downpour right now. I want it to wash away everything, including my dreams and nightmares. Thankfully, there have been less of them over the past two nights – probably because I am now taking …

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May 15 2009

A Week & A Half

It’s now been a week and a half since John left me. He & I have had very important and good talks since then, but it doesn’t make it any easier. The truth is, I am not yet at the point of acceptance. I am still longing and missing him so much. I really wish …

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May 10 2009

Sunday Afternoon

As I write this, I am not in tears, and not too upset. I have a headache and cramps, but I am ok otherwise (for the time being). This weekend was especially hard, as I spent most of it in tears and pain. I did everything I could to eat some food, but I only …

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Mar 02 2009

Big Government?

Non-Democrats are trying to scare Americans (and our neighbors) into thinking Obama’s administration is going to make government bigger and take power away from the people; but, did they even take a look at the Bush administration’s policies and activities before making this statement? For years, the Bush administration threw out constitutional rights and gave …

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Sep 24 2008

The Weeks Fly By…

Each week is flying by, quickly stripping me of my hope to find a job SOON! Soon has come and gone, even if it is revived each day. The past few days have been very tough for me. I learned that the HR Mgmt position I interviewed for cannot hire me until a bill passes …

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Aug 21 2008

Something’s Very Wrong Here

In my opinion… Credit Cards – if we made enough money to buy a home, a car, go on vacation and eat out once a week, I don’t think we’d be as dependent on credit cards as we are today. In this day and age, everyone uses credit to buy things they can’t afford. The …

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