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Oct 21 2008

I’m Tired of Joe, the Plubmer and the Pounding of Socialism Attacks

Joe, “the plumber” may be a decent guy, but I don’t think we need to keep hearing about his situation. To be honest, if I had $250,000, I’d be thoroughly willing to pay an extra 3% in taxes to help this country’s schools, hospitals, infrastructure, transportation and public servants (police, fire, etc.)! This country is …

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Sep 19 2008

For the Greater Good

I’m not sure what to think about the federal bail-outs of wall-street failures. We have a free-market economy; yet, the government is stepping in to rescue companies for the greater good of the American people. Ok, I can accept that; but, there are two things bothering me about this… 1. The companies who are falling …

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