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Jul 29 2014

SDCC2014 – Preview Night


* Traffic getting to TMC * Stopped at Emmett’s aunt Nancy’s house on the way down * Arrived at the Omni, room 1927 in time for preview night * Jon, Jason, & Joey met us at our room * We slapped on temporary Batman tattoos & headed into Con * Explored the Con floor with …

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Jul 28 2014

SDCC Huggle 2014

Jul 25 2010

Comic-Con Whirlwind 2010


Wow! What a weekend! Here’s what I remember… Wednesday, 7/21 * Drove to Erik & Ricki’s * Drove to the Hilton Bayfront, stopped at Denny’s on the way for lunch * Checked in (hotel and Con) * John & I took a shot of Vodka and went to the Clash of the Titans field of …

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Jul 22 2010

Comic-Con Begins

Wednesday, July 21st John & I met up with Erik & Ricki on Wednesday at 11:15am to drive down to San Diego. We stopped at Denny’s for breakfast and hit some traffic once in downtown. Arrived at the hotel around 2:45pm and checked-in. We are staying at the beautiful Bayfront Hilton on the water! It’s …

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Jul 22 2009

Home is Where the Kitties Are

I’m back in LA now, and I’m feeling a bit off. I am so happy to be home with my kitties and my things, but I feel very lost right now. I’m not depressed, thankfully; but, I am experiencing a deep longing for the freedom I felt last week. I had no responsibilities other than …

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