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Nov 20 2008

John & Greg’s Birthday Week

So, John turned 26 yesterday and Greg turned 27 on Tuesday. We had a fun night at trivia. The coca-cola cupcakes turned out awesome!!! The recipe can be found here.Last night, John, Greg, my sister, Rich, Laurel, David, Sarah & I went to Koji’s for dinner. David & Sarah just hung out for a bit …

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Oct 23 2008

Long-Ass Day

I woke up at 8am, fed the cats and got a shower. I had an interview with Disney at 10am. It was a great interview. The job is a long-term temp (no benefits), but I really could us a job right now and I felt so energized once in the building! It was great to …

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Oct 16 2008


Just because I haven’t posted a political blog in a few days, doesn’t mean I’m not heavily paying attention to the election. The debate was good. I think McCain’s facial expressions were a bit odd. He mentioned Joe, the Plumber too many times. Obama did very well. He stayed on target, knew his subjects well, …

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Sep 22 2008

Monday, Monday

I had an interview this morning that went very well! It’s for a Human Resource Management position at a company in Eagle Rock! I really really want this job! I love Human Resources; and, this office is very busy, so I won’t be bored – ever! I much prefer a busy, bustling office with lots …

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Sep 10 2008

Unemployment – Day 3

I got up when John was about to leave for work, then got a shower. After breakfast, I started job hunting. I sent a few resumes out – again, nothing great. In the late morning, I took an online Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook exam for a staffing agency. I think I did great on …

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