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Apr 12 2010

Where Am I?


So, I’ve spent a lot of time “doing” more than “planning” lately, and that’s getting me nowhere. I miss out on very important tasks that NEED to be done, and miss lots of deadlines (especially when having to make calls or get to the post office). I think I need to start getting up earlier. …

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Dec 21 2009

Two More Days…

In two days, I hop on a flight to FL with Violet. We will arrive on Wednesday morning, and Emily is picking us up (yay)! I am really excited to be visiting… it’s been a long time! My schedule so far is: Wed – Dinner at Disalvo’s with family and key lime pie at Le …

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Dec 01 2009

Down with the Sickness

Seems everybody is sick right now, myself included. I have better nights, but I wake up feeling all dehydrated, stuffed up, sore throat, muscle aches, and a headache. Even my ears hurt deep inside. I hope to get over this very soon, as I have way too much to do these days! So, I can’t …

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Oct 26 2009

Roller Coaster Time Once Again

Monday, Oct 19 – Worked, went to visit dad and Sunshine in Corona, went bowling (did crappy), hung out with Kyle Tuesday, Oct 20 – Worked, baked cookies with Sandy Leonetti, went to trivia… had a great time! Wednesday, Oct 21 – Worked, edited photos, rested, hung out with Gigi, watched LA Story with Kyle …

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Oct 03 2009

The Great Southwest

I am on my very first vacation ALONE! This is the first time in my life I drove to another state by myself and am planning on spending the majority of the week with only my imagine to keep me company. It’s not as scary or sad as I thought it would be. I am …

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Sep 28 2009

I Know You Well, You Are a Part of Me, I Know You Better Than I Know Myself…

Sometimes I feel like I am two different people. One is very stable, intelligent, happy, proactive, productive, optimistic, energetic, a solid leader, a great influence, a wonderful friend, and a strong woman. The other is somewhat flustered, confused, lonely, depressed, a lousy friend, exhausted, worn out mentally, falling apart at the seams, and unmotivated. How …

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Sep 24 2009

A New Hope

I’m so ready for Star Wars: A New Hope to be made into a musical. I would definitely like to see my sister play Princess Leah! I’m sitting here with two stripey cats – one on each side of me, exporting a wedding from Lightroom and watching Star Wars. Yes, I love this movie! Okay, …

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Sep 15 2009

I Am Aware Now How Everything’s Gonna Be Fine…Again

It was a very strange day… Went into work at 11am, did lots of research; then, out of the blue, my computer threw a “boot disk” error! I went home to finish working for a bit. At 8:30pm, I went into Hollywood. I started walking West on Hollywood Blvd and crossed Orange, where lots of …

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Sep 08 2009

Monday Nights

Monday nights are always fun for me! Tonight, I met up with Violet & Jason at Koji’s for sushi, then we went down to Lucky Strike for bowling and karaoke. I didn’t do so well in either (tonight); but, I had a great night regardless thanks to Violet, Jason, Bobby, Laury, Kyle, Nick, KC, Elysia, …

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