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Mar 01 2009

Kitty Woes

So, Aurora is not eating today. She’s not meowing at us, asking for food, or lurking around. She’s just sleeping, occasionally picking her head up for pettings. I’m really worried about her. This is very unlike her. We’re going to have to take her into the vet tomorrow. I really hope she’s ok! I’m concerned …

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Jan 19 2009


Today is MLK Day, and the day before Inauguration Day. I can’t believe that we finally will have a new President tomorrow! Though times are really rough right now, but having a great President in office will mean that intelligent decisions will be made that will help people in the long run! I’m so excited! …

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Sep 25 2008

No Cookies

I don’t have the ingredients I need to make cookies, and I’m too crampy to drive. Aurora’s been in the same spot on the bed all day. Every time I walk by, she just looks at me. I wish I could enjoy being that lazy. I’m going insane…

Sep 18 2008

Who Will Go With Me?

So, I got a free pass to Disneyland for my birthday in 2009. I don’t know anyone born on July 30th. I wonder who will go with me? I’d have to go after work, but that’s ok. Summer hours are late! Maybe Lisa Kudrow or the Governator will go with me. Ha! If you are …

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