Jul 13 2011


Who celebrates turning 34 anyhow? I guess I’ll have fun and celebrate being alive, but 34 really isn’t anything special. Next year, 35, seems like more of a milestone. Mid-30s! Wow!

So, I haven’t posted since May. I see that Facebook has become my blog, so to speak. I think my site updates FB though, so let the x-posting begin!

I am on summer vacation right now. Unfortunately, I have been sick the entire time with a sinus infection. It is not keeping me down, but it’s slowing me down a little. I did enjoy an amazing week in Tahoe with Kyle, Violet, Joe & Simeon. I plan to enjoy a really kick-ass Comic-Con 2011 too! However, I haven’t been to the gym lately, and I am a little tired of being tired. At least I am on break.

I start up work again on Aug 1st (teacher development). Students come back on Sept 7th. I miss my students – a lot! I really have some amazing girls, and I hope they are having a great summer. I know most of them probably miss one another too. I know some miss me. They message me on my teacher FB account sometimes 🙂 It’s super sweet.

So, life – my cats are doing well. Dagan & Aurora are holding on strong, considering they were diagnosed with kidney failure in Feb 2008. They are aging, but they are doing well for their age and ailment. You’d never know they were dealing with kidney failure by looking at them! 🙂

Kyle – he’s amazing! He is real. He treats me with love and respect, and he is very good to me. He is talented, funny, and very good looking. I am so happy to have him in my life. He’s not perfect, but neither am I. Together, though, we make an almost perfect team! 🙂

Home – I love my apartment. This is my first 2-story apartment since living in Gainesville, FL. It’s feels more like a house. I have a washer / dryer too!

Money – is tight! I make $500 less than I need to survive. Teachers are not paid nearly enough in this country! I am trying to pick up as many weddings as possible, and I am doing okay with this endeavor. I love weddings, and I am thankful I can go to weddings a few times a month. 🙂

Okay, back to facebook….