Nov 27 2010


As I sit here with a sleeping cat on my lap, having to pee, but not wanting to get up and disturb her, I reflect upon my awesome weekend that is not over yet…

Wednesday, Kyle & I made Veggie Pot Pie from scratch. Elysia & KC came over to hang out. Kyle & I then went for a walk to the Americana to look at the 100 ft Christmas Tree! It is a REAL tree, cut down from the Mt. Shasta region. They only cut down trees nearing the end of their life-cycle, and they replace each tree cut down with 14 new trees!

We spent the evening watching “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” and hanging with the kitties. Penemue and John were over for a visit.

Thursday, slept in! After breakfast, Kyle headed home and I just relaxed for a bit around the house. Then, John, Sandy & I went down to TMC for Thanksgiving dinner. I made a veggie casserole. We spent the evening with great friends, playing video games and having wonderful conversations.

Later in the night, after Kyle got off of work, he came by for a bit. Then, we drove down to Oceanside to spend the night at his parent’s house. We arrived and passed out just after 2am.

Friday, slept in a bit, then had a nice breakfast (made by Bill, Kyle’s dad). We then spent the day relaxing. I went internet shopping for Black Friday sales. Kyle & I took a walk around the neighborhood, then came back to have Thanksgiving dinner with the family. It was delicious!!! After dinner, we relaxed some more. We left around 9:30pm to head back home. I passed out by 12:30am. Kyle headed home to get ready for his weekend in the studio with Daisuke.

Saturday, slept in again (yay)! Texted Adrienne to see if she wanted to hit up the malls. She totally did, so we got ready and went to the Galleria, Americana, Target, Bed-Bath-&-Beyond, Bath & Body Works, and Ikea! We got some great deals and had a fun day out! We grabbed a white peppermint mocha on the way back home.

Now, waiting for John to get over here so we can go see Tangled. Gracie just hopped up, so now it’s time for me to have leftovers! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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