Sep 13 2010

First Day – I Need Sleep!

I survived! Hooray!

So, I didn’t sleep much, as expected, and I woke up at 5:45am to get ready for work. I left at 6:45am and got to work around 7:15am.

Once inside my classroom, I started printing docs for my students: A Learning Style assessment and a Get to Know You worksheet that focused more on education than on favorite “things.”

I did not yet have a roster of students, and most of the students came to school without a ready-schedule. The school manager was working frantically all weekend to prepare for our students, as most register very very late! Some as late as today!!

School normally starts at 8:30am, but it took until about 9am to get every student into a roster and get them off to an Advisory. I welcomed my students to their Advisory, and shared a bit about who I am and my philosophy about learning. We talked about class expectations and goals, played the name game, and did the assessment and worksheet above. The students were mostly respectful, but a few kept talking and texting. I need to work on these few.

Algebra A was my next block. These girls were great! A few were texting, but they mostly listened and discussed math and learning with me in an orderly way. One student even thanked me for caring about her and gave me a hug! Sooooo awesome!

Lunch was next, then my planning block (which I used to prep for Geometry).

Geometry – My students came in talking and texting and never stopped. They were not interested in playing the name game, but I had them play anyhow. One girl still would not. I had trouble talking over the loud students, but I tried to share my philosophy of learning with the girls, as well as some real world experience. They did fill out the learning style assessment and get to know you worksheet. They were a very difficult class to control. I need to work with them on Wednesday to set up some solid ground rules.

After school – I spent a few hours reviewing the Get to Know You worksheets and Learning Style assessments, as well as talking to another teacher about rules and strategies for gaining classroom control. I ended up staying until 7:45pm. I am super exhausted!

Before bed, I am going to work on tomorrow’s plan for my Algebra A (2) and Algebra B classes. I think I’ll sleep well tonight!