Sep 12 2010

Camp-Out 2010… Best One Yet!

Thursday, 9/9/2010 – My Camp-Out weekend started with a great dinner with some of my fellow Crumbs: April, Melanie, Hans & Teresa. My friend Josef joined us as well. We ate at Masa in Echo Park, the restaurant where Melanie works. Amazing food! I’m going back here for sure!

Kyle and Melanie’s boyfriend, Anthony, met up with us to walk to the Echoplex to see Cracker & Camper Van Beethoven play locally. What a great venue!!! It is probably my favorite LA club venue now! Great sound, great lighting, great vibe! The show was amazing! I loved the Cracker Van Beethoven ending to the show too! Some of the other Crumb family were at this show. It was so great to see them!

Friday, 9/10/2010 – Headed out to Pioneertown, but got stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours! I didn’t get to Yucca Valley until 6pm. I got dressed into my Indian costume, and headed to Pappy & Harriett’s for the show. I met up with Missy for dinner. We were sitting with Denny, Matt & friends. I got my favorite P & H meal: delicious cheese fries! I have been craving these for months!

After dinner, we put my hair in braids and went outside to watch Gram Rabbit’s set. They have a newer song, “Off With Her Head” that is pretty awesome!!! After their set was Camper Van Beethoven. Sooooo much fun! I got a few pix, but didn’t feel pressured to take flash pix or get different angles as Brad Jones was on it. 🙂 I just got to enjoy the show – singing and dancing along with the music!

After CVB, we went inside to watch Johnny Hickman and the Mighty Grasshoppers sets. Completely amazing! Chris & Johnny bring the greatest vibe with them! So much energy, happiness, and passion! I spent some time chatting with David “Immy” about LA, restaurants, clubs, music, etc. He’s a very genuine and talented man! After a bit, the show ended and we all said our good-nights and dispersed back to our hotels. Lee crashed with Missy & I at the Best Western.

Saturday, 9/11/2010 – Woke up, got breakfast at John’s Diner. I was one of 5 UF grads in the tiny diner, and most of them were checking their phones for scores on the UF / USF game.

After breakfast, we went swimming at the pool with some of our fellow Crumbs. The pool was cold, but I got into it for a bit. People were laughing at me for bringing my hot coffee into the pool with me. 🙂 After a bit, I got out and sat around drinking Horchata Liquor and eating cheddar cheese gold fish. That was lunch. Haha

Took a nap, then got dressed into my cowgirl garb. We headed up to P & H for the Meet / Greet. I took some photos, hung out with some great people, and then we had dinner, which took almost 2 hours! They were slammed! I took a short nap after dinner, than headed to the outdoor stage to watch the Bellrays. Wow!!!! Tina Turner has serious competition!

Cracker was next, and it was an incredible show. Again, I didn’t worry about photos as much since Brad was covering. He got some great shots! As for me, I danced around with the Crumbs around me: closest were Julie, Judy, Donna, another Donna, Lora, and Phil. Melanie, April, Hans & Teresa were close – RSR. Missy got her awesome space on the edge of the stage too! 🙂

After Cracker, I hung out with Soraya & Shay for a bit. We had a great chat, and I really enjoyed spending time with them! I, then, walked around for a bit saying hi to people and chatting about the night. I caught the Macabre set inside, then headed outside for Porchstock 6. Wow… I have to say that this was a truly HUGE PS! I loved it. It seemed “very slightly” formal, but anyone with an instrument was still invited to play along, which is the whole love and greatness that is Porchstock. I almost requested a song (which I never do), and within a few seconds, Johnny started playing it (without me saying a word)! Haha… “Hold of Myself”

Phil played an awesome slide guitar thingy, and his dad, Gary, sang sooooo beautifully during Johnny & Frank’s soup break. I didn’t get to try the soup 🙁 It looked good, but I got to it too late. Oh well. I had peanuts in front of me to snack on. Dave D & I filled up on those!

After PS, Lee & I said our good-byes to those we wouldn’t see at Fi-Stock. It was very sad, but it was also so wonderful to see so many amazing people – my extended family! I felt the love all around!

Sunday, 9/12/2010 – Woke up at 10:30am and got checked-out of the BW. Lee & I went to the Wheel Inn (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) for me to get a bite to eat on the way to Lo-Fi Stock at Chris Leroy’s studios. Once we got to Lo-Fi, I settled into the back to work on lesson planning and catch up on emails from my school. I got some great pix of the bands playing too. Got to hear some new Danger’s songs! I loved the Gigglejuice set too! Actually, all the bands / performers were amazing! I really love how chill Lo-Fi is. It’s a good way to wind down the weekend. After saying our good-byes, I took Lee to John Wayne airport and then came home.

I start teaching tomorrow… I really need to get some sleep, but I am super excited and anxious! I’ll post a first day recap tomorrow! 🙂 Night all!