Aug 26 2010

Employed, Happy, Hopeful, and Still Overwhelmed

So, I have a job!!! I will be teaching at New Village Charter HS in Echo Park. I am the ONLY math teacher in the school; so, I will be teaching all grades, all math subjects, and all students. NVC is an all girl’s school with many of the students coming from very difficult life situations. They will need extra care and support to get their diploma and develop life-skills for a bright and successful future. I am looking forward to meeting them and teaching them math!

I know a lot of people are scared of math, but math is really something EVERYONE can learn with the right instruction, practice, patience, and a solid foundation. Math is exercise for your brain’s problem solving mechanism in the same way working out or running is exercise for your body’s muscles and circulatory system. Some people may never love math, but hopefully I can teach my students to appreciate the use math has in cooking, banking, investing, credit (car buying and loans), and in determining distance / rate / time for travel (which will come in handy when buying cars with various mpg ratings) and their distance from home to work. I want to teach my students how to budget, write checks, balance a check-book, and how to determine a good “buy” in a store!

So, I am very happy I have a job, and very hopeful to make a difference in my students’ lives!

I am still somewhat overwhelmed though. I have a Geometry CSET in early November, 5 classes at UCLA Ext this Fall, wedding photos to edit for my awesome couples, albums to create, weddings to photograph, weddings to officiate, and now students to educate. This is going to be a very busy Autumn! I hope it’s not too stressful. I hope I can still make it to Trivia once in a while and I hope to spend some quality time with Kyle, Lyse and friends too!

Wish me luck!

Also, if anyone has any textbooks or school supplies to donate, we could really use them!!!