Apr 25 2010

What a Week!

Mon, 4/19
* Took Dagan to the groomers for a Lion’s Cut
* Got my TB test for school
* Studied a bit
* Met up with Kyle at Koji’s, had a drink with him after work; then, we went on a date to Miceli’s for some great Italian food!
* Watched Ravenous back at Kyle’s place
* Stayed up talking, listening to music, and having fun til late

Tues, 4/20
* Sat in on math classes at Adrienne’s school
* Went to lunch at the Grilled Cheese Truck with Adrienne
* Had dinner with Gavin and friends for Gavin’s 30th Birthday
* Played Apples to Apples at Gavin & Heather’s house with Ankur, Gav, Heather, Ron, Allie, Mike, Brooke, Angela, my sister, and KC

Wed, 4/21
* Studied
* Fractured or broke my toe (still not sure)
* Picked up my TB test results
* Went to CSUN for an Orientation meeting
* Hung out with the kitties
* Went to the Air Conditioned Supper Club to see The Changing
* Hung out with Kyle & Branden back at their place

Thurs, 4/22
* Had breakfast with Kyle and Branden at this great little diner in Burbank
* Studied
* Got a bit depressed and went to sleep early

Fri, 4/23
* Headed to Kyle’s to have lunch with him and his mom
* Watched him pack for his tour with 10 Years
* Spent some quality time together
* We went to Subway on the way to LAX
* Dropped him off at LAX – he’ll be gone for about 6 weeks. Make sure you check dates and see 10 Years when they come to your town!
* Went to Koji’s for karaoke, meeting up with my sister, John, and the Koji’s regulars

Sat, 4/24
* Performed a wedding in Santa Monica at 11am
* Took a nap, sleeping through my alarm (missed seeing Kick-Ass with friends)
* Carpooled with Josef to Koji’s for karaoke with Adrienne, Emmett, Bobby and the Koji’s regulars
* Got silly drunk and Josef had to drive us home, after a stop at Mel’s Diner for grilled cheese!

Sun, 4/25
* Slept in
* Edited & uploaded pix to FB
* Walked 20 minutes on the elliptical and watched the first 3 episodes of United States of Tara (season 2)
* Studied, napped, studied some more
* Edited photos