Feb 15 2010

A Lovely Weekend

Friday, Feb 12th
In the day, I photographed The Changing for a ‘zine. It was a super fun photo shoot! 🙂 Later on was dinner and drinks with friends for Scharff’s birthday down in Marina Del Rey. Adrienne, Josef, Bobby, John L, & I drove down there together. I got a grilled cheese at the pub we were hanging at (Brennan’s). After, we went back to TMC for some drinks and to hang out. It was super fun!

After the party, I picked Kyle up and he crashed at my place.

Saturday, Feb 13th
Took Kyle home and then prepped for a few hours of wedding work. My lighting assistant, Ivy, & I drove down to Angel’s Point to meet up with Brooke & Steve. The location was sooo cool! It overlooks downtown LA and Dodger’s Stadium. The wedding was fun and intimate. We had a great time photographing it!

After, I went to The Americana at Brand to perform a quick I-Do ceremony for a happy Chinese couple before the Chinese New Year began.

For dinner, Sandy & I went to Koji’s to meet up with Reha, Violet, Jason, Dorwart, Scharff, Bobby, & Jenni. After dinner, Adrienne, Emmett, Jodi, Karla, Irene, and Josef joined in for drinks and karaoke. A few Koji’s regulars made an appearance. Kyle was roaming around between friends. It was such a great night and start to Valentine’s Day! I sang Toad’s Whatever I Fear, Faith No More’s Midlife Crisis, and Puddle of Mudd’s Blurry. Adrienne sang Tool’s Sober. I wish I recorded that. It was amazing!

After karaoke, I went back to Kyle’s place for the night.

Sunday, Feb 14th
Dropped Kyle off at the train station so he could go to work, then I went home and took a nap. At 3pm, I met up with Corey & Sara to do maternity photos at Travel Town. We had a great time!

At 6pm, I picked up Kyle from the train and we went food shopping for “make your own pizza” supplies. We got garlic / herb dough, fresh veggies (mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, & eggplant), goat cheese, mozz cheese, and vodka sauce. We added some cayenne pepper and garlic to the mix, and the pizza was the best I ever had! We both were so proud of ourselves! 🙂

After dinner, we watched Up in the Air (amazing! totally deserves an Oscar), and then took a walk around Kyle’s neighborhood. We had some special time to ourselves when we got back, then watched S1, Ep1 & 2 of Arrested Development with Dominika and Branden. What a freakin’ awesome Valentine’s Day!