Two More Days…

In two days, I hop on a flight to FL with Violet. We will arrive on Wednesday morning, and Emily is picking us up (yay)! I am really excited to be visiting… it’s been a long time!

My schedule so far is:
Wed – Dinner at Disalvo’s with family and key lime pie at Le Tub with Emily
Thurs – Miami and DeRosa party
Friday – Stop at a few places to celebrate Christmas
Saturday – Sleep in, go to the beach, dinner with Paul, go out with friends in Ft. Laud
Sunday – Butterfly World maybe? Also, hang out with friends, maybe drive North with Leilani and Violet
Monday – Islands of Adventure
Tuesday – Return to S.FL and hang out
Wednesday – Fly back to LA

Man, that was a fast trip and I haven’t even left yet!

This past week was pretty great, other than some severe allergy trouble. Let’s see… over the past 9 days, I hung out with some friends, did karaoke, had an amazing time with Kyle (he made dinner for me and we hung out a bunch this week), co-hosted a fun holiday party, and worked a lot on Lola Felli. I also edited tons of photos, placed some orders, and visited some clients.

Oh, I also performed a wedding, went to trivia, grocery shopped, went to Disneyland, played in the snow at Big Bear, decorated the apartment, got a Wii and played Mario Kart, went to the bowling alley, had dinner with Elysia at a vegan restaurant, and did laundry.

No wonder I’m tired!!!

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