Nov 02 2009

Another Week I Can Hardly Remember…

That’s because I do waaaaaay too many things in just 7 days!

Mon, Oct 26th – Besides work, I went bowling. I cannot remember what I did between work and bowling. I know Kyle & I were the first at the bowling alley. Paul was there this week!

Tues, Oct 27th – Worked, then went to Paul’s show at Koji’s. He and KC both played alternately for a few hours. It was freakin’ fantastic! I did get depressed about stuff going on with my family and had to leave early, but it was a great night overall!

Wed, Oct 28th – Worked, hung out with Gigi, worked on my costume with Kyle’s help. 🙂

Thurs, Oct 29th – After work, went to dinner with Lyse and Paul… surprised them both with Anne Tofte, who flew in for Lyse’s show. Kyle hung out with us during dinner, then he went to Slipknot with the guys and I went to Elysia’s show at IO West. It was great!

Later in the night, I worked on my costume some more with John’s help. He bathed Dagan and I helped him with his costume too.

Fri, Oct 30th – Worked, then went grocery shopping for the Autumn Halloween Party. Gigi & I got ready (got into our costumes), which took forever… but it was well worth it! We got to the party around 8pm, and had a freakin’ fabulous time! Great costumes, lots of amazing people, so much fun! Hung out with Kyle afterward. 🙂

Sat, Oct 31st – Kyle made us breakfast as I got ready to go out for Halloween fun part 2! Breakfast was waffles with strawberries, bananas, syrup and cinnamon! Sooooooooo yummy! I picked Josef up around 3pm, and we drove into WeHo. Parked on Sunday and San Vicente, then walked down to Santa Monica Blvd. We met up with Violet and Jason at Fiesta Cantina, where he and I were already working on a massive margarita!

The WeHo Costume Carnivale was so awesome! Gigi and her friend met up with us for a few hours too. We all drank many margaritas and wandered about photographing costumes and crazy people! It was so much fun. I think this was the best Halloween ever! Later on, we met up with Lyse, Paul and Jay for a bit too.

Ending the night, Josef & I went to the NoHo diner for grub, then I watched Donnie Darko with John while we absorbed the extra hour of Halloween petting cats.

Sun, Nov 1st – Went to Corona to help get stuff ready at my dad’s house. It was a very very frustrating day. In the evening, I picked up Sunshine (my bird) and took her to her new home in La Crescenta with my new friend Steve and his family. I think she will be happy there!

After that, I went to the Springbok for Violet’s karaoke birthday party! It was a great party! I had a ton of fun, and was so happy my night turned out so great. Violet seemed to have a blast, and I was so happy seeing her celebrate with all her friends! It was awesome!

I sang Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb (w/Ryan Trask), Toad the Wet Sprocket’s I Will Not Take These Things for Granted (myself), PoUSA’s Kitty (w/Ryan Trask), Snow Patrol’s Set the Fire to the 3rd Bar (w/John), and took tons of photos!

What a great week / weekend! Hope you all had an amazing Halloween too!