Oct 26 2009

Roller Coaster Time Once Again

Monday, Oct 19 – Worked, went to visit dad and Sunshine in Corona, went bowling (did crappy), hung out with Kyle

Tuesday, Oct 20 – Worked, baked cookies with Sandy Leonetti, went to trivia… had a great time!

Wednesday, Oct 21 – Worked, edited photos, rested, hung out with Gigi, watched LA Story with Kyle

Thursday, Oct 22 – Worked, had dinner with Kyle at Kung Pow Kitty, saw Elysia’s show “I Got My Tits Done in Beverly Hills,” edited photos, relaxed, talked to Vivienne on the phone.. her little brother Edward died 🙁 I stayed on the phone with her for quite a bit… pretty late. I am so very sad about this. 🙁

Friday, Oct 23 – Dad’s lawyer woke me up… dad lost his case. He’s going away for quite some time. I also got news that my grandma in FL went into the hospital. I was a wreck… paced around most of the day, worked a little, met up with Kyle and Lyse and went to Corona to visit grandma… take inventory of the house and prepare for an Estate Sale, left pretty late, stayed up watching TV with Kyle for a bit.

Saturday, Oct 24 – Slept in til 12:45pm, fed the cats (they were so pissed), and relaxed during the day. I edited photos, cleaned up a little, rested, then John came over at 5pm to help me learn my new phone. We went into Hollywood for dinner: Pig & Whistle, then walked to Hollywood & Vine to help Lyse. We found out that she was at Sunset and Fuller… oops!

We hopped on a bus on Sunset and Vine to Fuller. We helped her and KC give away $1 off Pink Berry to support Breast Cancer Awareness. We stayed there til 10pm, then he and I walked to Koji’s.

Kyle was still working when we arrived, and he made me a very yummy drink! Bobby, Jessie, Branden, Daryl, and others were hanging out outside. Josef, Pat, Teri and John also showed up. After Barry Manilo, Violet & Jason showed up. Soon after, Ryan and Heather showed up. Kyle got off work just before 11pm. We proceeded to have a few too many drinks.

For karaoke, I sang:
Tears for Fears – Head Over Heals (with Ryan)
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Good Intentions
Skid Row – I Remember You (really freakin’ tough)
Hole – Doll Parts
Scorpions – Wind of Change (with Violet)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside
Am I missing anything?

After Koji’s closed, Kyle & I walked to a 24-Hour bagel, donut and chinese food market. We got bagels and donuts and went back to his place to chow down. We were drunk and starving! On the walk, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend… so adorable! I love that he asked! 🙂

Sunday, Oct 25 – Woke up at 11am, against our will… I needed to get home to feed the cats and get ready to head to Corona. Kyle took me home, and then I forgot my phone in his car. He realized it after he was over 1/2 way home, and then drove back to Glendale to drop it off. Man, I felt bad!

Lyse, Paul & KC showed up and we all headed down to Corona to start boxing up sentimental things in my dad / grandma’s house. I am so upset with how stubborn my grandma is being. She refuses to go to a senior center, refuses to travel to see her niece in FL, and refuses to even talk about this. I understand she’s upset, but we have very limited time to take care of things! She doesn’t get that at all.

I left there at 7pm and drove to Long Beach to meet a friend / client. We talked for a while, and I shared some of my work and ideas with them. I really love them… such fun and loving people! I really want to photograph their wedding!

After I got home, I fed the cats, then myself, then edited photos of Saturday night’s Koji’s outing while watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I then talked to my co-worker about some paper issues (yes, around 1:30am), and then watched Futurama. I think insomnia is about to end, so it’s off to sleep I go. Heading into the office tomorrow! 🙂