Oct 19 2009

Disneyland is the Best Way to End the Weekend

Just got home from Disneyland and the cats are eating a very late dinner. It’s 2:24am. Sandy and Gracie are running around instead of eating. Both, Gracie and Sandy’s tails are all puffed!

Recap time…

Mon, Oct 12th – Worked, bowling, hung out in Hollywood for a bit.

Tues, Oct 13th – Worked, trivia (great game: came in 2nd)!

Wed, Oct 14th – Worked, dinner with Gigi, watched That 70s Show reruns with Kyle

Thurs, Oct 15th – Worked, had carpet company come by for a quote, hired Evaun for a project and went to lunch with him to get pizza, went to Koji’s for dinner with Bobby, Laury, Marly, Violet & Jason, stayed for Kiss My Comedy, hung out with Kyle

Fri, Oct 16th – John came by and helped me clip kitty nails, worked, went Halloween shopping with Megan, worked on costumes with Megan and Maria, watched Tenacious D & the Pick of Destiny with them, Bobby & Josef

Sat, Oct 17th – Slept in, prepped for a wedding, drove to Malibu to an amazing ranch: Saddlerock, performed a wedding, picked up Maria, went to get some costume supplies, worked on costumes, had dinner with Gigi, took Maria home, went to Koji’s for karaoke, sang Toad and Alice Cooper. Koji’s was fun. Kyle, Violet, Jason, Jay, KC, Nick, Daryl, Aaron, Chris, Mark and Robert were all there!

Sun, Oct 18th – Adrienne & I left Glendale a 10:30am, got gasoline and coffee, headed down to Disneyland. We met up with Marcos, Jason, Violet, Ricki, Erik, Ryan, Heather, Heather’s sister, Norma, and eventually my friend Lawrence. It took us forever to get into the park, but it was super fun and worth going for Halloween Time!

The lines were LONG during the day. They were pretty short at night. We rode Buzz Astro-Blasters, Pirates, Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain’s Ghost Galaxy (AMAZING), Alice in Wonderland, Tea Cups, Peter Pan and the Jungle Cruise. We also watched the awesome Halloween Time Fireworks and saw the upgraded Fantasmic! Amazing day! Super fun week!!!