Sep 07 2009

Can I Have 5 More Hours a Day Please?

Monday – Aug 30th: Finished editing Mike & Brooke’s photos, mailed some CDs to clients, took Gigi food shopping, had Saag Paneer with Gigi & Josef. Josef & I watched Tombstone. It was really great!

Tuesday – Sept 1st: Spent the day meeting with the Lola Felli team and worked out a part time commitment to help launch the company as their Project Director. I will go full time after launch! I really love this company and our products. I can’t wait til our first tradeshow!

Later that night, I went to bar trivia. Our team lost, but we had a great time anyhow!

Wednesday – Sept 2nd: Ran some errands, edited photos, went to a focus group in Beverly Hills, then went for ice cream sandwiches at Didi Riese with Violet. See pix on FB.

Thursday – Sept 3rd: First day of work! Zander & I strategized our launch, created a task list, and worked on some creative planning. I can’t even remember what I did after work.

Friday – Sept 4th: Had a great day at work, then went with co-workers to see Gamer at the Arclight Sherman Oaks. It was really good, but had some plot holes near the end. Fun overall. After that, I got myself a 2TB drive and formatted it.

I spent the evening editing photos, playing on FB, and chatting with Derek & Matthew on Twitter Cam Chat.

Saturday – Sept 5th: Picked up my car at the body shop, clipped the cats nails and watched John wear out Gracie with the feather on a stick. I edited some photos, then picked up Adrienne to head into Hollywood. We met up with Ricki, Erik, Mick, Josef, Ryan, Bobby, Laury, Violet & Jason at the Arclight Hollywood to see Extract. It was hilarious!!!

After the movie, we all went to Koji’s to have some drinks and sing karaoke! My friends Cristofer, Allison, & Derek met us there. Kyle hung out with us after he got off work. I started the night with Skid Row’s 18 & Life, then later sang Tears for Fears’ Head Over Heals (with Bobby), Offspring’s The Kids Are Alright (with Jason) and Metallica’s Sad But True (with Violet, Ricki, Kyle, Holly, Ryan, Jason, Josef, and whoever else was standing around). It was truly sad! See this travesty on Facebook!

After Koji’s, we met up with Matthew at Mel’s Diner. I was quite drunk and silly for most of the night.

It was super fun! Unfortunately, I was unable to drive home, so Bobby took Adrienne & I home. I left my leftovers in his car too! 🙁

Sunday – Sept 6th: Slept til 1pm, had breakfast, edited photos, got a shower, then Bobby took me to get my car at Hollywood & Highland. I swung by Cat Genie to say hi to Lyse (who was working). I then went to Marina Del Rey to perform a wedding. I ended up staying for the reception and met some great people! It was a fun night!

Once home, I edited photos and talked to Violet for a bit before heading to bed.

Monday – Sept 7th: Labor Day for some, work day for me… but I was totally alright with this. Zander leaves town on Wednesday, so I wanted some facetime to strategize while possible. Our co-worker, Michael, was also around, so we finalized some tasks today. Tonight, I am heading to Koji’s for some sushi, then to Lucky Strike for bowling. 🙂

I have soooo much editing to do, and I need to bake cookies tomorrow. I need more hours in my day!