Aug 21 2008

Something’s Very Wrong Here

In my opinion…

Credit Cards – if we made enough money to buy a home, a car, go on vacation and eat out once a week, I don’t think we’d be as dependent on credit cards as we are today. In this day and age, everyone uses credit to buy things they can’t afford. The economy cannot thrive on borrowed money. Solution: more jobs that pay better and provide benefits. How to get there? I hope Obama can figure that one out! McCain sure isn’t going to be able to!

Jobs Overseas – Too many jobs are overseas. When the majority of our money was spent in our own economic markets: food, gas, homes, vacations, supplies, etc., our economy was thriving and growing. With jobs overseas, Americans are out of work and money is exiting circulation. Solution: remove tax breaks or even impose fees to companies hiring overseas. How to get there? Tough one… to get elected in a Capitalist society, you have to appease the major stakeholders – in this case: corporations. How do you do that when your goal will ultimately hit them in their bank accounts – even if it is better for the economy as a whole?

Jobs in America, Taken by Non-Citizens: This isn’t as big of an issue, but it does still hurt us. Here’s how: If you are out of work, instead of competing amongst other Americans, you now have to compete against people from all over the world living and working here on HB1 Visas. I believe in the land of the free. I believe in immigration, but staying in the US and never applying for citizenship after 10 years and taking jobs at lower rates than is acceptable really hurts us as a nation! I want people to come into this great land and make it their home, but only if they plan to stay! If they plan to stay, apply for citizenship! At least make an effort! If they plan to leave, then let the people who live here have the jobs they need to survive!

In the past month, I have seen hundreds of resumes… the majority have been people from all over Asia working here on HB1 Visas. I am happy they are here, happy they are spending money here in the US to live; but, it bothers me when they’ve been here for 10+ years and haven’t even applied for citizenship! How is this even legal? I really hope they are keeping the money here in circulation and not sending it back overseas. We really can’t have much more going out the door at this point! Solution: no freakin’ clue. I still haven’t found a Java Engineer for my company who doesn’t require sponsorship. I hope our next President has some ideas on how to keep America citizens employed! I know too many people out of work right now!

Inflation – How the hell is it even legal for companies to go year after year and ignore inflation costs? Do they not care at all about their employees? We need cost-of-living raises! We can’t survive like this!!! With gas, milk and housing going up gradually each year, but salaries remaining the same, we are bound for failure and tough times. This has been going on for decades, and it’s turned the lower income class into poverty-level class and it’s turned the middle-income class into lower-income class. The qualifications have even been rewritten to deny this claim.

Do you know making over $25K per couple is middle income according to the 1st Time Buyers Associations for Houses? Who the hell could buy a home on $26K combined salary? Nobody! Yet, they are the middle class. At over $50K, I’m probably considered wealthy. Even at the upper echelon of income, I still can’t afford a condo, to buy fresh fruits and veggies often, or even proper health-care without sacrificing other aspects of my life. It sucks! I should be doing great, but I’m working really hard to stay afloat. There is no progress here. I don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel. In fact, I feel like the light’s gone out and that I’m just working to live another day – not for a brighter future.

So, what can be done? I don’t really know. Maybe states can impose a mandatory cost-of-living increase to match their state’s actual annual number. I doubt it though. That would hurt businesses a lot. Is there a solution? What do we do to help one another survive? We aren’t even at the point of thinking about thriving… surviving is what’s on our minds right now. Home buying and traveling overseas for leisure are luxuries that don’t exist in the world I know.

What we need is an economy with good paying jobs and a job for every American. We need to stop sending money overseas and laying off people to do so. We need to increase cost-of-living raises. We need to pay people enough to live so they can stop using credit (which hurts our economy). Only then will our dollar stabilize and Americans feel happy again. Can this be done? I don’t know. I HOPE so.

Obama 2008!