Aug 21 2008

Political Change or Stagnation

So, McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he has, yet some polls show him ahead of Obama. McCain is not going to bring jobs back to the US. McCain is not going to fix our economic problems by giving tax breaks to the wealthy. McCain is an elderly man. He’s not ancient, but he’s not able to understand the working-class American’s needs and troubles. His wife is a millionaire many times over. His kids probably went to private school.

What we need is a candidate who will focus on funding science, technology and innovation – in the US. What we need are solutions that will lead to the end of Global Warming. What we need is to preserve the American dreams of having a secure job, a home of your own, a beautiful country to travel around, good education systems for children and adults, and more public transportation options. We need a drastic change. We need help! I hope that Obama can start us on the right track – down the road to success and prosperity again. I don’t think he can solve all of our problems – that would take more than 4 or 8 years, but he can put us on the path towards a better tomorrow. McCain can NOT do that!