Jul 29 2014

SDCC2014 – Preview Night

* Traffic getting to TMC
* Stopped at Emmett’s aunt Nancy’s house on the way down
* Arrived at the Omni, room 1927 in time for preview night
* Jon, Jason, & Joey met us at our room
* We slapped on temporary Batman tattoos & headed into Con
* Explored the Con floor with Emmett. Scharff went with Derek.
–> Found adorable Stella (Angry Birds), My Little Pony, Peter Beagle & Connor (Last Unicorn), Fantasy art aisles, Bongo Comics)
–> Ran into Steven Brandon and Kalyan (a friend from Ballroom 20 line from a few years ago)
* Buca with Scharff & Emmett for yummy ravioli dinner and garlic bread
* Berkeley Pizza with Jon, Jason, & Joey for drinks. I walked through the window. It was open.
* Union bar and grill for more drinks