Jul 29 2014

SDCC2014 – Preview Night

* Traffic getting to TMC
* Stopped at Emmett’s aunt Nancy’s house on the way down
* Arrived at the Omni, room 1927 in time for preview night
* Jon, Jason, & Joey met us at our room
* We slapped on temporary Batman tattoos & headed into Con
* Explored the Con floor with Emmett. Scharff went with Derek.
–> Found adorable Stella (Angry Birds), My Little Pony, Peter Beagle & Connor (Last Unicorn), Fantasy art aisles, Bongo Comics)
–> Ran into Steven Brandon and Kalyan (a friend from Ballroom 20 line from a few years ago)
* Buca with Scharff & Emmett for yummy ravioli dinner and garlic bread
* Berkeley Pizza with Jon, Jason, & Joey for drinks. I walked through the window. It was open.
* Union bar and grill for more drinks







Jul 28 2014

SDCC Huggle 2014

SDCC Huggle 2014-1

SDCC Huggle 2014-2

SDCC Huggle 2014-3

SDCC Huggle 2014-4

SDCC Huggle 2014-5

SDCC Huggle 2014-6

SDCC Huggle 2014

SDCC Huggle 2014-8

SDCC Huggle 2014-9

SDCC Huggle 2014-10

SDCC Huggle 2014-11

SDCC Huggle 2014-12

SDCC Huggle 2014-13

SDCC Huggle 2014-14

SDCC Huggle 2014-15 copy

SDCC Huggle 2014-16

SDCC Huggle 2014-17

SDCC Huggle 2014-18 copy

SDCC Huggle 2014-19

SDCC Huggle 2014-20

SDCC Huggle 2014-21

SDCC Huggle 2014-22

SDCC Huggle 2014-23

SDCC Huggle 2014-24

SDCC Huggle 2014

SDCC Huggle 2014

Jan 17 2013

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair…

Tonight, I flew into San Francisco for a Creating Balance in an Unjust World math conference. I am very excited to be here, but also feeling very strange about it.

On the plane, after a very short nap, I woke up to tiny city lights below. I was very excited to see all those little lights. I looked to the right side of the plane and saw two people holding hands and staring out the window in silence. Both had smiles on their faces. I felt happy for them and envious. I wanted someone to share my excitement with, but the person sitting next to me was passed out and never even said hello to me when I got to my seat.

When I was 3 or 4, my mom used to take me on Dream Flight in Tomorrowland, Disney World. Our favorite part of that ride was when we saw the tiny city of lights, as if we were flying over it. I remember looking to my mom with great excitement, and she’d smile back at me. We’d point out buildings and carnival rides to each other. I wish I could have shared that with someone special tonight.

When I arrived, I caught a shuttle to the hotel. Nobody on the shuttle was talking, but it was a full shuttle van. I spent the ride texting with James and looking out the window at all the old buildings and people wandering the city streets. I saw this sign that said hybrid vehicles pay 25% less for parking. That made me happy. I do love this city, always have.

When I am not in an Atheist state of mind, I think about what my heart believes… in reincarnation. I think that I was once a hippy in the love-in days of San Francisco’s past. I think that was my last life before this one. My first time in San Francisco was 1998, but I had wanted to move here since I was 11 years old. I arrived here for a two week vacation with my dad, and I had an uncanny ability to get around. I had tons of dejavu and knew my way around so well, without ever having been here. There were places in the city that I felt turned around, but for the most part, I was able to get around without a map and even give directions to others.

I knew that I wanted to move here, but it never happened. My dad was going to try to help me afford the move, but finances fell apart and I ended up staying in South Florida for a few more years. Once I was ready to move, San Fran wasn’t even a possibility. Bobby & I chose LA because my dad & sister lived here. It made it easier for us to find work and settle in. I had an idea that we’d eventually move up to San Fran, but our lives took other turns, and we both fell in love with LA (separately).

Now, when I visit, I am happy to see the city I love and connect deeply with, but I am also happy to call LA my home. LA is where I truly belong, and I know I ended up there for a reason. I’ll blog more about that some other time.

For now, I am here in San Fran for a conference, but I am also excited to see a Crumb family member, David, on Friday, see Joe on Saturday night and see Janis on Sunday & Monday. I am hopefully going to be able to go see the Sea Lions, buy some sourdough bread at Pier 39, and take some photos of the city. On Sunday, I hope to go to Q for dinner. I want some macaroni with cheese & tater tots!

I am here for 4+ days, but I am not going to enjoy being the tourist I love being. It’s bittersweet. I am excited to learn about math and social justice, and I want to meet other math teachers and social justice educators. I think this is going to be a great learning experience. But, I also want to roam around San Fran and enjoy the shops, restaurants, cafes, lights, people, murals, sculptures, trollies, and architecture.

I am so fortunate I was raised to enjoy traveling and seeing culture and beauty in every place I visit. I have friends who dislike certain cities and put down those cities as if everything about them was awful. It makes me sad. There is so much beauty and culture in every place on earth. Yes, even in Jacksonville, FL… a city I am guilty of making fun of from time to time. Yet, a few cherished memories take place there. 1. Val True & I had a beautiful dinner at a fancy restaurant in a fancy neighborhood before heading to see Dissolved Like Shadows play at the goth club nearby. It was a great dinner, great fun with Val, and a wonderful show! 2. Weird Al put me on the guest list to see him live downtown. I knew him through my mom, but it was very cool of him to do this for me!

Anyhow, I love traveling. I love parts of all cities, and can find something beautiful and historical and magical everywhere I go. I wish all my friends could do this. I think they’d be a lot happier if they could see all the beauty I get to see. No, I am not saying that I am happy all the time. I just see beauty in everything, and it is very fulfilling and inspiring. That is something I am very proud of myself for… holding true to those great qualities my mom instilled in me at a young age. 🙂

Well it’s 11:41pm. I need to get up at 6 and head to trolly by 7:30am. I better finish my tea and head to bed. Good night world!

Jan 04 2013

It’s 2013

I start this year wishing I could extend the end of last year… the sights, sounds, passion, and beauty that permeated me so deeply. I hope this year brings me just as much happiness and fun. I hope that I can improve my health and find joy in the bigger things, not just the small things. I hope I can find more time for art and creative projects. I hope I can see a reason to have hope in my future, not just live day to day.

I guess we’ll see what happens. I know I have a huge part to play in my future happiness & success, but I am not fool enough to believe that it is all up to me. I live in a world where I am affected by the decisions and actions of others; and, as a social being, I prefer to stay in this world.

Time for coffee…

Snow in the Eastern Sierras

Snow in the Eastern Sierras

Jul 26 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Recap

* Arrived at SD Marriott Marquis around midnight
* Google + Huddle (Huggle)

* Line for Ballroom 20 with Jul, Josh, Nick, & Shock – missed Psych panel 🙁
* Ringer Panel – interesting
* Game of Thrones Panel – awesome!
* Swag at the Fulfillment Room
* Squid, Inc Headquarters
* Con Floor
* Bucca di Beppo
* Maloney’s Pub
* Drunk Emmett giggling into the night

* Con Floor – every aisle!
* Artwork purchase
* Nap
* Con Floor again
* Dinner at Indigo Grill with friends
* Drinks at the Tipsy Crow
* Drinks at the Cowboys & Aliens Saloon

* Line for Ballroom 20 out to the Pier
* Terra Nova Panel – suck!
* Futurama Panel – So awesome!
* Simpsons Panel – SOS
* Con Floor
* Hanging with Adrienne & friends at Squid, Inc Hdqts
* Dinner at Cafe Diem with Angelique, Heather, Ryan & John
* SyFy Red Carpet with Eureka
* Comic-Con Rave at the Sails Pavilion
* Hyatt Slamcon Industry party

* Pack up Squid, Inc Hdqts
* Con Floor
* Late lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory with John, Adrienne & Erin
* Left Con at 5:50pm and arrived home at 8:01pm!

Highlights (in no special order):
* Got very little sleep. Partied and wandered around til after 1:00am every night and woke up around 8:00am every day!

* Emmett, John, Angelique & I played on Google + Huddle (Huggle) for almost an hour on Wed night! So silly and fun.

* Got most of the Wayne Casino poker chips: $5, $10, $25 & $50. Traded some Angry Birds pins for the $1 chip.. hope the guy mails it to me!

* Fox gave away Angry Bird plushes & T-shirts to fans with Angry Birds installed on their phones! I got a few!

* Dinner at Indigo Grill with many friends. Took 2 taxi vans to get there. Dinner was amazing and the company kicked ass!!!

* Loved the Game of Thrones and Futurama panels. In Futurama, Matt Groening had a draw-off with the lead artist on Futurama. Hilarious.

* Met Matt Groening and gave him my Gotharama pin that I made.

* Bought some art from Theresa Mather. She is going to make a Dagan bat cat art piece and I get the first edition!!! http://www.rockfeatherscissors.com/

* Eureka cast members, Colin & Neil, jumped the fence to say hi to fans at the Syfy Red Carpet, which we accidentally walked by. Angelique was so happy to meet them. We also got video for Erik & Ricki of them wishing them good luck with the new baby!

* Met Peter Warburton (Big Trouble) at the Sails Pavilion

* Spent some time talking with Peter Beagle & Connor (Last Unicorn)

* Tattoo & Coke at Squid, Inc Hdqt

* Ended up at an anti-Syfy industry party at the Hyatt with some pretty nice people

* Danced for a bit at the Rave at the Sails pavilion. Lots of people in costumes. Free nachos & cupcakes! Music kinda sucked, but the atmosphere was fun.

* Found Pikachu on Fri, Sat & Sun!

* WB booth area much easier to navigate than last year, except during Lego raffle

* Really awesome fantasy artists this year. Bought some art from some very talented artists!

* Best swag: Game of Thrones pack from the panel

* Best costume: lady with the death star dress & tie fighter in her hair

* Worst moment: waiting in the sun for food at the South Park food trucks

* Best moments: taking photo with Pikachu & sitting down to dinner with friends for my birthday!

* Regret: not going in our awesome looking pool at the SD Marriott Marquis

* Best luck: getting a hotel at the SD Marriott Marquis – soft, comfy beds and soooo close to Con!

* Best meal: Indigo Grill

* Worst meal: Comic-Con Cafe pizza at the SD Marriott Marquis South Tower

* Best drink: Key Lime pie martini at Indigo Grill

* Most disappointing area of Con Floor: vendors selling figures and toys. Boring.

* Best locations on Con Floor: Pokemon booth, DC booth, Fantasy Art & Artists Alley

* Adrienne drove me home and it only took 2 hours due to our secret path out of SD!

*** More pix up on my FB profile ***

Comic-Con, it was a blast! See you in 2012!!!

Jul 13 2011


Who celebrates turning 34 anyhow? I guess I’ll have fun and celebrate being alive, but 34 really isn’t anything special. Next year, 35, seems like more of a milestone. Mid-30s! Wow!

So, I haven’t posted since May. I see that Facebook has become my blog, so to speak. I think my site updates FB though, so let the x-posting begin!

I am on summer vacation right now. Unfortunately, I have been sick the entire time with a sinus infection. It is not keeping me down, but it’s slowing me down a little. I did enjoy an amazing week in Tahoe with Kyle, Violet, Joe & Simeon. I plan to enjoy a really kick-ass Comic-Con 2011 too! However, I haven’t been to the gym lately, and I am a little tired of being tired. At least I am on break.

I start up work again on Aug 1st (teacher development). Students come back on Sept 7th. I miss my students – a lot! I really have some amazing girls, and I hope they are having a great summer. I know most of them probably miss one another too. I know some miss me. They message me on my teacher FB account sometimes 🙂 It’s super sweet.

So, life – my cats are doing well. Dagan & Aurora are holding on strong, considering they were diagnosed with kidney failure in Feb 2008. They are aging, but they are doing well for their age and ailment. You’d never know they were dealing with kidney failure by looking at them! 🙂

Kyle – he’s amazing! He is real. He treats me with love and respect, and he is very good to me. He is talented, funny, and very good looking. I am so happy to have him in my life. He’s not perfect, but neither am I. Together, though, we make an almost perfect team! 🙂

Home – I love my apartment. This is my first 2-story apartment since living in Gainesville, FL. It’s feels more like a house. I have a washer / dryer too!

Money – is tight! I make $500 less than I need to survive. Teachers are not paid nearly enough in this country! I am trying to pick up as many weddings as possible, and I am doing okay with this endeavor. I love weddings, and I am thankful I can go to weddings a few times a month. 🙂

Okay, back to facebook….

May 10 2011

Suffering, Hope & Accomplishment

“We define ourselves as a nation of immigrants – a nation that welcomes those willing to embrace America’s precepts. It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is that you believe in the ideals on which we were founded, that you believe all of us are equal,” he said. “In embracing America, you can become American. That is what makes this country great.” ~ President Obama

My graduating seniors, most of which take my Algebra 2 class, are stressed about college. They don’t know how to pay for it, as some of them are undocumented. They have lived in this country since early childhood, and want to become a citizen. They speak English very well, will have a diploma very soon, and are really great people. I want them to have the opportunity to make a great life for themselves here. I hope the DreamAct has another chance. I hope immigration reform happens soon!


My life – I am soooo tired! I can barely think or even get all the things done that are on my plate. I have photos to edit-print-mail, papers to write for class (UCLA), assignments to complete (for UCLA), tests to grade, future lessons to plan, files to organize (at home and at school/work), an apartment to organize, clothes to put away, a car to wash, a cold to get over, bills to pay, accounts to close, groceries to shop for, weddings to officiate and photograph, events to attend, students to tutor, nails to fill, legs to wax, shows to catch up on, people to keep in touch with, food to cook / eat, and find time to sleep. All of this has a deadline of about a week (or less). This may sound like a lot, but it’s a much easier week than the last two weeks have been!

Much of my life right now is good, even though time is not my own. I have a great boyfriend, adorable cats who are doing well, a newly married sister, a happy family (back on the East Coast), a terrific apartment, the ability to offer a friend a couch to sleep on, a great job (and a contract for my job next year), great friends, a pretty purple car, money enough to pay bills, more cake than I know what to do with, and a very comfy bed to sleep in each night.

I feel good about where my life is going, but I am more than tired out from the run to the finish line of each challenge along the way. I am looking forward to a few weeks off this summer (I think I get 5 or 6 weeks), Comic-Con in July, Lake Tahoe with Kyle in July, Kurt’s wedding in Chicago in September, hopefully a visit to NJ for Thanksgiving, and hopefully a trip to SoFL in December. I look forward to finishing my preliminary teaching credential this summer and clearing my credential next spring or summer. I look forward to sleep..

More than anything today, I want sleep!

Apr 16 2011

April Showers Bring Tears

So far, April has been a pretty lousy month. I got into a car accident and my wonderful Roxy Red Prius is now in car heaven. The frame was bent in the accident, so Geico had it totaled. The accident is technically my fault as the oncoming party did not have a stop sign; however, I feel like it was a bit unfair as I couldn’t tell if the cross-street was a 2 or 4 way stop due to a tree, and nobody was coming down the hill when I pulled out. Regardless, two cars collided. Both the other driver and I are fine. Her car was made of super-metal or something, because it was barely dented. WTF?!

Anyhow, Geico only gave me Kelly Blue Book value for my car, which does not take into consideration the inflated gas prices and tsunami driving the prices of used Prii up! I can’t find a 2007 Prius with all of the features I had for under $24,000! Geico only gave me $17,900. Ugh! After days of crying, searching, and test driving smaller / cheaper cars, I decided on a Honda Fit. Kyle found one for me in Torrance that was within my price range; so, today, we went to see it. It is great! I bought it on the spot. I don’t have navigation or a back up camera anymore, but that’s life… It is super cute!

In other news, my job is not secure as the Principal is holding open interviews for ALL staff positions in order to find the perfect staff for 2011/2012 school year. I hope to be selected, but he did say he wants “experts,” and since I am a new teacher, we’ll see if he’s willing to make an exception. I will know by mid-may after my interview.

Also, I have a 75 page document due to UCLA by May 6th, which I am nowhere done with. In fact, I’ve only had the time and ability to do about 25% of it thus far. I am truly overwhelmed.

Needless to say, I have been depressed. But at least good things are coming. I am looking forward to the happy tears I will have at Elysia & Kalen’s wedding at the end of the month. 🙂 Kyle’s 30th birthday is on May 7th, and I am going to be heading up to my timeshare in Tahoe for the 4th of July. I hope things only get better from here…

Mar 18 2011

Giant Full Moon on Saturday: 3/19/11


Don’t miss it! See it in the East around sunset! 🙂

Mar 17 2011

How to Find Someone in a Major Disaster

Google has been amazing at helping people find one another during some major disasters that have taken place recently.

If ANYTHING ever happens in your area, search for Google’s Person Finder, enter info on someone you know about or search for someone you want to know about.

Here are some of their awesome apps:

Japan: http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/?lang=en
New Zealand: http://christchurch-2011.person-finder.appspot.com/

Please remember this information as it could help us all find one another should anything drastic happen to the areas we live in!!!

Mar 12 2011

Bloggin’ From My Phone


Dec 24 2010

Another Day, Another Year, Another Million Memories

I definitely had a whirlwind of a year. I started off working for a wedding invitation company, kept growing my wedding photography business, and ended up a math teacher at an all-girls charter high school.

Kyle & I have grown as a couple and are very happy, we have taken some great vacations together, and went on some super fun adventures locally! My friends are truly the best, and I can’t thank them enough for being in my life!

I have great roommates, great kitties, a great job, and a fantastic boyfriend. I am very happy! 2010 ended up being a pretty great year!

Sadly, I can’t really remember all of it. Thankfully, I take photos!!! Enjoy!

Started the New Year with some of my best friends at Koji’s

My sexy man was behind the bar, but still had time for a few kisses and photos with his best girl!

Went out to dinner at BJ’s (Burbank) with friends for Bobby’s 39th Birthday.

Went for a hike at Point Vicente with friends.

Coordinated and hosted a booth at the Phoenix Bridal Show for Lola Felli

Ate a lot of frozen yogurt with good friends. Got to hang out with Jason when he came to town on layovers!

Went to Disneyland a lot, especially at night.

Sang a lot of karaoke at Koji’s, Springbok, and Sardo’s.

Played some kick-ass broomball with great friends!

Enjoyed a lot of parties with friends.

Celebrated a lot of friends’ 30th birthdays!

Went to Palm Springs with my love!

Partied with the ladies.

Enjoyed Captain EO with great friends!

Went to some fun shows!

Went to meet (again) the author of my favorite story, The Last Unicorn… Mr. Peter Beagle!

Went to see some incredible magic at the Magic Castle.

Had more adventures in Disneyland!

Saw some beautiful peacocks and plants at the LA Arboretum.

Participated in World Pillow Fight Day!

Tailgated a few cheesy movies with great friends.

Had a great Easter dinner with Kyle’s family, complete with earthquake!

Hiked with Greg to Griffith Park Observatory from the base of the mountain.

Pet some horses at the LA Equestrian Center.

Saw some cute meercats and other animals at the LA Zoo.

Hosted another fun Creepy Cages BBQ.

Saw a taping of That Metal Show with Alice Cooper!

Adrienne & I finally caught up with the Grilled Cheese Truck!

Elysia & Kalen got engaged!

The Changing played the Supper Club. Fun times!

Elysia performed her One Woman Show “I Got My Tits Done in Beverly Hills” at IO West.

Had a blast at Bats Day with great friends!

Partied with Kyle for his 29th birthday in Las Vegas, after he played a kick ass set with 10 Years at the Hard Rock Casino!

John, Sandy & I hung out with Kyle on the 10 Years tour bus for a bit before hitting up the town.

Celebrated Nick’s birthday at Tokyo Delves

Took a trip with John L to Pearsonville, CA to photograph some awesome junky cars under the full moon!

Roamed the Eastern CA desert with my camera in hand.

Saw Roger Clyne play the Mint with Megg & Josef.

Partied with friends at Koji’s!

Kyle’s last 2010 show with 10 Years, at the Roxy. Amazing show!!!

Gemini Syndrome at the Roxy! Another truly awesome show!

Emmett-Fest 2010

Many fun and drunken Monday nights at Lucky Strike.

Paul & Jessie play Koji’s.

Concrete Blonde at the Music Box for Jason’s birthday.

My visit to FL for Kat & Tim’s wedding, I got to see some of the cutest little girls on the planet… the kids of my truly amazing friends!

Hiking with Kyle’s family in Idyllwild for the 3rd of July.

4th of July at the beach with TMC folk!

My Kemo Sabe birthday gathering in San Diego!

Laurel & I found Pikachu at Comic-Con!

Look at my birthday dinner!!! Wow!!!

Trivia Bowl 2010! Our team was split into two; and, even though I was not on the winning team, I am so happy our friends won!!!

Gavin & Heather got married!!!

Saw Weird Al at the OC Fair!

Karaoke at the Bok.

Elysia turns 29!

Laser Tag at Ultra Zone! We even had some FL friends with us!

Gigi & Pramod got married!!!

Cowboy Night at the Camp Out 2010

Porch Stock 2010

Alice & Her Horse – Halloween!!!

Had a great Autumn Party potluck!

John & Greg had a birthday Absinthe / Rock Band Party that was really super fun!

Thanksgiving at TMC

Explored the cemeteries and the haunted city of New Orleans!

Kyle, the Kitties & I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a truly kick-ass new year!!!

Nov 27 2010


As I sit here with a sleeping cat on my lap, having to pee, but not wanting to get up and disturb her, I reflect upon my awesome weekend that is not over yet…

Wednesday, Kyle & I made Veggie Pot Pie from scratch. Elysia & KC came over to hang out. Kyle & I then went for a walk to the Americana to look at the 100 ft Christmas Tree! It is a REAL tree, cut down from the Mt. Shasta region. They only cut down trees nearing the end of their life-cycle, and they replace each tree cut down with 14 new trees!

We spent the evening watching “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” and hanging with the kitties. Penemue and John were over for a visit.

Thursday, slept in! After breakfast, Kyle headed home and I just relaxed for a bit around the house. Then, John, Sandy & I went down to TMC for Thanksgiving dinner. I made a veggie casserole. We spent the evening with great friends, playing video games and having wonderful conversations.

Later in the night, after Kyle got off of work, he came by for a bit. Then, we drove down to Oceanside to spend the night at his parent’s house. We arrived and passed out just after 2am.

Friday, slept in a bit, then had a nice breakfast (made by Bill, Kyle’s dad). We then spent the day relaxing. I went internet shopping for Black Friday sales. Kyle & I took a walk around the neighborhood, then came back to have Thanksgiving dinner with the family. It was delicious!!! After dinner, we relaxed some more. We left around 9:30pm to head back home. I passed out by 12:30am. Kyle headed home to get ready for his weekend in the studio with Daisuke.

Saturday, slept in again (yay)! Texted Adrienne to see if she wanted to hit up the malls. She totally did, so we got ready and went to the Galleria, Americana, Target, Bed-Bath-&-Beyond, Bath & Body Works, and Ikea! We got some great deals and had a fun day out! We grabbed a white peppermint mocha on the way back home.

Now, waiting for John to get over here so we can go see Tangled. Gracie just hopped up, so now it’s time for me to have leftovers! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pix on FB: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=94489&id=1362273040&l=abf7ea19bc

Nov 21 2010

Life in a Blender

I don’t even know what day it is sometimes. I am constantly in motion, constantly thinking about what I’m supposed to do next. I have so many moments I should be living in, but I am always two steps ahead… in my head. Even while watching Harry Potter, I was already thinking of the conversations I might have with friends after the movie about the movie. Did that ruin the movie for me? No, but I think I could have enjoyed it more if I could commit my mind into the moments that were unfolding in the present.

It seems the only things I do “in the moment” these days are pet my kitties and cuddle with my boyfriend. Everything else seems like a means to an end, and I am not happy about it. I feel like I am missing out on my life.

I can’t tell you how many times I say to myself, “I wish it were next June!” I’d be done with school (my credential). I am so far behind in almost everything I need to be doing: editing, online school, lesson planning, keeping up with the apartment, etc. I find myself dreaming of the days where I have nothing to do… no agenda.

Even with my busy schedule, I find time to have fun. I just don’t have as much fun as I would if my mind were not elsewhere. Here are some of the things I have been up to:

Frid, 11/12 – Came home, got drunk and made cookies. Ended up at an art show in the hood with John R & Josef at 1am.
Sat, 11/13 – Photo shoot, then party in the Hollywood Hills
Sun, 11/14 – Edited photos, did homework, played Angry Birds
Mon, 11/15 – Paid off my car
Tues, 11/16 – Edited photos, homework
Wed, 11/17 – Drove to UCLA (Westwood) after work, then home on surface streets
Thurs, 11/18 – Edited photos, homework, Angry Birds
Fri, 11/19 – Harry Potter 7 at the IMAX in Ontario with lots of awesome people
Sat, 11/20 – Slept in, then went to the LA Zoo with Kyle. Giraffes and Lions were hiding due to the rain and cold. Still very enjoyable. Night: Party at the Towers for Greg & John R’s birthday… so much fun! Absinthe & Rock Band 3!
Sun, 11/21 – Slept in at Kyle’s, enjoyed breakfast and a relaxing day together, then met up with a client (booked Officiating gig for June 2011), then spent the evening editing photos.

Now – Sitting with cats, watching Big Trouble, and about to go to bed (maybe play some Angry Birds)

This week’s plan: Thanksgiving at TMC with friends, Thanksgiving dinner at Kyle’s parents’ house on Friday, see my dad on Saturday, edit photos and do homework on Sunday. Have a great week everyone!

PS. If you live in LA, go check out the Americana’s Christmas tree!

Sep 13 2010

First Day – I Need Sleep!

I survived! Hooray!

So, I didn’t sleep much, as expected, and I woke up at 5:45am to get ready for work. I left at 6:45am and got to work around 7:15am.

Once inside my classroom, I started printing docs for my students: A Learning Style assessment and a Get to Know You worksheet that focused more on education than on favorite “things.”

I did not yet have a roster of students, and most of the students came to school without a ready-schedule. The school manager was working frantically all weekend to prepare for our students, as most register very very late! Some as late as today!!

School normally starts at 8:30am, but it took until about 9am to get every student into a roster and get them off to an Advisory. I welcomed my students to their Advisory, and shared a bit about who I am and my philosophy about learning. We talked about class expectations and goals, played the name game, and did the assessment and worksheet above. The students were mostly respectful, but a few kept talking and texting. I need to work on these few.

Algebra A was my next block. These girls were great! A few were texting, but they mostly listened and discussed math and learning with me in an orderly way. One student even thanked me for caring about her and gave me a hug! Sooooo awesome!

Lunch was next, then my planning block (which I used to prep for Geometry).

Geometry – My students came in talking and texting and never stopped. They were not interested in playing the name game, but I had them play anyhow. One girl still would not. I had trouble talking over the loud students, but I tried to share my philosophy of learning with the girls, as well as some real world experience. They did fill out the learning style assessment and get to know you worksheet. They were a very difficult class to control. I need to work with them on Wednesday to set up some solid ground rules.

After school – I spent a few hours reviewing the Get to Know You worksheets and Learning Style assessments, as well as talking to another teacher about rules and strategies for gaining classroom control. I ended up staying until 7:45pm. I am super exhausted!

Before bed, I am going to work on tomorrow’s plan for my Algebra A (2) and Algebra B classes. I think I’ll sleep well tonight!

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